Advertising & Affiliate Disclosure Statement is my personal website. It is an informational website about world religions and is free to all visitors. To help support my writing of this website I have set up a few streams of income from advertising and affiliate marketing.

Such compensation does not influence the information contained on the pages of All the information on the site about world religions comes from my decades of research and teaching as a university professor in religious studies.


Advertising occurs on this website through Google Ads. On some pages of the site, you may see a section of banner or text links identified by "Ads by Google." These are ads placed by Google and refer to products, services and companies chosen by Google, not by me.

If you see a Google ad that promotes a product, service or company that is also specifically recommended by me on this website, it is a coincidence.

Affiliate Marketing

I have affiliate relationships with a handful of companies that provide products or services related to the content of From time to time, I will recommend products and services from these companies on the pages of this website by offering a link to the product or service.

I only recommend products and services that I know are of the highest quality and provide strong value for my visitors. It is not in my financial interest - nor is it consistent with my values and principles as a person, scholar and educator - to recommend low quality products or to have affiliations with questionable companies.

I recommend only things that I believe can contribute to my visitors' understanding of world religions beyond the basic facts provided on this website.

How Affiliate Marketing and
Advertising Relationships Work

Visitors to this website consider my recommendations for certain products and services, and often click on the links I provide for that product or service. When visitors make a purchase from the links I provide, I receive a small commission from the sale.

I earn a small commission only when visitors use the link that I provide from I receive no commission should visitors choose to purchase the product or service directly from the provider.

The information on is the result of over 20 years of research and study on my part. Additional money, time and effort is required to build and maintain this website.

By engaging the advertising from Google and by purchasing from the affiliate links I recommend, you allow me to continue to deliver original content free to you and all other visitors.

I value your support of this website, and I am so pleased that I can share my knowledge about world religions to visitors from all over the world through this website. Thank you very much for visiting this site.


If you ever have any questions about my advertising or affiliate policies, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Jill Carroll

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