About Your World Religions Professor

Dr. Jill Carroll is a Houston-based scholar, writer and speaker who specializes in world religions, religion and world politics, religion in public life, and applied life philosophy.

She is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University, where she also directed the Boniuk Center for Religious Tolerance until June 2009.

She is a recognized expert on issues of religious tolerance, philosophy of religion, American religion, and religion in public life. Her areas of specialty include: the role of religion in world politics, comparative world religions, trends in American religion, the impact of religious diversity in global business, and applied life philosophy.

Dr. Carroll earned her Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Rice University in 1994 with a specialty in philosophy of religion. She is the author of numerous articles and four books. A recent book, A Dialogue of Civilizations: Gulen’s Islamic Ideals and Humanistic Discourse was a Publishers Weekly bestseller in religion, having been in a “Top 10” category on Amazon in May 2007. She is a frequent guest on radio and television programs, and has been interviewed by The New York Times, PBS, and Good Morning America.

For two years, she co-produced and co-hosted with Kym King the popular radio program “Peaceful Coexistence” on Houston’s Pacifica station KPFT 90.1 FM. She is the creator and founding director of the Amazing Faiths Project, a national grassroots community initiative that fosters interpersonal relationships between people of all faiths and no faith through dialogue and table fellowship.

She has taught widely for many years in the Houston area, including at all campuses of the University of Houston system, Rice University, The Women’s Institute of Houston, The Jung Center of Houston, and in the Texas State prison system. She is a favorite for keynotes and public lectures because of her informative content as well as her inspiring and entertaining style.

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