A Place to Learn the Basics of Different Religions

This website is for people who want to learn basic information about the world's great religions from a reliable source.

I hold a PhD in religious studies and taught world religions at the university level for many years. My job in the classroom all those years - and my job here - is to present the basic ideas of the different religions in as objective a way as possible, from a purely informational and educational perspective.

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Why learn about different religions?

There are many reasons! Maybe you are simply a curious person who likes to learn lots of different things about people and culture.

Or, maybe someone you know has gotten involved with a religion that you know nothing about, so you want the get the basics in a quick, easy format.

Or, maybe you are seeking a new religious or spiritual expression for your life and want to check out what different religions offer.

Or, maybe you get the sense - as I and many others do - that the world is a big place with lots of people and belief systems, and we are a "global village" now. So, you want to expand yourself and be more of a "global citizen" who understands people from different perspectives and feels comfortable in the new global reality.

Whatever your motives, learning about different religions helps us all to understand each other better and to live more peacefully together. And that, in my view, is a very good thing!

So, take a look around the site and get started at whatever point interests you. More pages are being added to the site every week, so come back often to check out the new stuff.

Also, check out the sacred sites images that visitors have uploaded to this website. They are AWESOME pictures!

Click here and then scroll down to click the images you want to see.

Even better, upload your own images and create your own webpages on this site. It's easy! It's a fun thing to do with your photos, and you'd be helping others appreciate the richness of the different world religions.

Thanks for visiting World-Religions-Professor.com!

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Check out this handy chart that explains many of the world's religions. This is perfect for students, teachers and anyone who wants basic reference info at their fingertips.

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