Wiccan Holidays

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Wiccan holidays and festivals are mostly organized around natural events. Often, these holidays are called "sabbats." These include:

- full moons
- new moons
- cross-quarter days
- summer and winter solstices
- spring and autumn equinoxes

The names of these holidays draw on or coincide with the names and practices of older Germanic or Celtic holidays. Often they are combined and practiced simultaneously with current holidays in the contemporary culture. For example, Wiccans will celebrate the winter solstice at that same time that others celebrate Christmas. Of course, the origins of holidays like Christmas and Easter can be traced back at least partially to those same, more ancient traditions.

(Sidebar: Click here to browse a really cool blog written by a Wiccan mother. It's called "Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom" and won the "best faith blog" from Circle of Moms in 2011. The author seems really cool and gives a nice snapshot of what Wiccan everyday life is like.)

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