Funny Religion Gifts

Below are several of my favorite religion-themed gift items. Many of these are silly or meant to be humorous. Some qualify as "gag' gifts in every sense.

Religion is a serious topic, but I think we should also be able to have a sense of humor about it. I intend no disrespect to any religion or to any religious people in linking to these items. On the contrary, I am fascinated by all religions, and I respect people of all faiths and no faith. Otherwise, I wouldn't have spent my entire professional career learning and teaching about them.

I and my colleagues own some of these items ourselves. They help us stay positive and happy as we go about the sometimes discouraging work of creating peaceful coexistence between people of different religions. Let's face it: religion hasn't always been a force for good in the world (although I think that's its true intention and purpose.)

At least here, in these items, religion can be a force for making us laugh.


(Note: In order to support this website financially, I have an affiliate relationship with the vendor of these items, which means I receive a small commission if you purchase any of them using the link I provide. For a fuller explanation of how this works, please click to the Ad Disclosure statement on the navigation bar.)

Jesus Saves Bank

Jeez Its Sticky Notes

Say-A-Blessing Prayer Machine

The Ultimate Jesus Pack

Singing Jesus Wallet

Chrome Jesus Salt or Pepper Grinder

Jesus Adhesive Bandages

Jesus Wig

Jesus Shaves Mug

Jesus Is Coming, Breathe Easy Mints

Priest Costume Kit

Jesus Action Figure

Huggy Jesus Doll

Moses Action Figure

Jesus Light Keychain

Bottle in a Bible

Nun Costume Kit

Happy Hanukkah Menorah Hat

Hanukkah Stocking

Hanukkah Tree Topper

Lego Construction Block Menorah


Holy Toast

Heaven or Hell Sticky notes

Believe In God Instantly Spray

God Created Bacon T-Shirt

Dashboard Jesus

Buddha Bracelet from Hot Topic

Buddha Car Charger

Buddha Butter Dish

Mother Teresa Breath Spray

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World Religions Chart

Check out this handy chart that explains many of the world's religions. This is perfect for students, teachers and anyone who wants basic reference info at their fingertips.

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